Beautiful Blue


I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful jersey I’ve made, hence the title of this post.  It’s another hybrid jersey, this time a baseball/hockey goalie blend, but made out of wool and canvas fabrics that evoke the flannel baseball jersey era.

Imagine this: at some point in the past, a hockey team had jerseys made by a flannel baseball jersey manufacturer.  The team worked with the supplier to make sure the design was adapted to meet the needs of a hockey team.  The canvas sleeves add durability to the forearms, while the extra external arm pad provides the goalie with a little extra protection in the soft inside of the elbow joint.

Some vestigial remains of the baseball jersey are intact: the cadet collar and style of cresting.

What the photos don’t reveal is the magnificent nature of this sky blue pinstripe fabric.  It has a soft, high-quality feel I haven’t found in other fabrics I use.  Specialty flannel baseball fabrics are not available, so I’m limited to what I can find in stores.  So it’s always a bonus when I find something that looks like authentic old material.  Matched with the darker shades of blue, I think this is a great colour scheme.

The CH logo is done in a baseball-ish font, and is meant to be reminiscent of the Habs logo.

I really like fancy-style baseball fonts, and for the back used an attractive symmetrical number 1 that I think looks great.


This wasn’t the first jersey of this style I made.  This one came first:


I like the idea of external padding, but I went a bit overboard on this one, my first attempt.  The padding is kind of crude, and there’s just too much going on here.  For the blue one I pared it back to just the one oval-shaped arm pad.  I like the more refined look and asymmetry that resulted.

I do like the colours of the NBW jersey, and the windowpane check reminds me of some of the early baseball jerseys in this style.  I also used a very attractive font for the number 1 on the back:


These are the only two jerseys I made in this style.  This was a couple of years ago and I never did anything with them so I decided to write about them now.

I still have several jerseys I will be posting here in the next little while.  Up next is a really unusual jersey that really pushed the boundaries of both jersey design, and the fictional back stories that usually accompany these designs.  Check back as I will be posting the next ones soon.


One thought on “Beautiful Blue

  1. zeromsc says:

    Dude, I found your page through twitter, & these are the most awesome jerseys I’ve ever seen in my life man! The fact that you’re creating these are fucking sick!! Idk if you sell any, but I’m beyond interested in purchasing or bartering for one, my personal favorite was the first version of beautiful blue, that tan is such a dope flavor! Keep up the amazing work! – Zeros
    The Bronx, NY


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